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My Take on a T-Shirt Dress – feat. Bewakoof.com

Have you been shuffling through your closet, looking for something cool to wear? With T-Shirt dresses around you, you don’t have to work on searching for the right outfit anymore. All you got to do is, take the T-shirt dress and perk it up with a shrug or a shirt and walk the runway because every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway !!

Casual Wear is not just a dress code but also a state of mind. It not only emphasises comfort but also personal expression. Something that’s unplanned, relaxed, and informal. With the correct basics and accessories to spice up, casual clothes can make a fashion statement.  The best thing about a T-Shirt dress is its adaptability. It’s not only casual but a perfect outfit for brunch, movies etc. I have always been lured by Shirt and T-Shirt dresses. The casual touch to them can be transformed into a party look without using any time. The best go-to outfit !! We can never have too many of them.

Have collaborated with bewakoof.com earlier. It was the jogger pant and t-shirt kinda day, and I called it The Casual Affair.

This time it was the T-Shirt Dress. A very casual chic outfit for times when you know nothing can go wrong with the outfit when you pair it with a sneaker and a shirt. Like I told you earlier, my wardrobe is filled with shirt & t-shirt dresses. One of the best thing that the brands have come out with, to make our life more simpler and stylish ! The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. This outfit is simple, yet sophisticated. I teamed it up with a shirt from forever21 and runners from Nike. The shirt added the causal factor to the t-shirt dress from bewakoof.com. They are so feminine. This time, shirt and t-shirt dresses has taken over and I have them all.

Bewakoof.com is trending with their T-shirt dress, Jogger pants, Sweatshirts, casual-t shirts, pyjamas etc for men and women. You need to click on bewakoof.com to know more.

Outfit Details-

T-Shirt Dress – Bewakoof.com ( T- Shirt Dress for Women )

Shirt – Forever21

Sneakers – Nike

Photography By – Kslenscapes ( Saikat Das )


If you have ideas of your own, on styling T-Shirt dresses, leave it in the comment down below !!

Cheers !! 🙂

15 thoughts on “My Take on a T-Shirt Dress – feat. Bewakoof.com”

  1. I would have loved to see how that dress looks on its own. T-Shirt dresses with Sneakers is a life savior when it comes to dressing quick and I love it.
    Nice work on the outfit. 🙂


  2. Hi there. I’m Romanji. Thanks for an informative blog.
    My friend is mad about fashion dresses. I gifted a dress by shopping at bewakoof. I used Saveplus while buying it. I get a huge discounts.
    Thank you Saveplus


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