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You are never fully dressed without a perfume -Feat. Neesh Perfume

Perfume speaks the loudest on a subliminal level. It’s the most intense form of memory. I  believe that people who smell good are always more attractive. Agree or Disagree !? I never face the day without a perfume. Coco Chanel says ” A woman who doesn’t wear a perfume, has no future.”

Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers. — Christian Dior

I have been enchanted by perfumes since I was a kid. I did sit in front of the dressing table and act like those Audrey Hepburn movies when my mother wasn’t around. The fragrance was one thing, but the fancy bottle was also worth the fascination. I remember my aunt had a lot of perfumes and I was totally fascinated by her collection. When I grew up, the fascination turned into obsession. The creation of a perfume is an act of love, real or imaginary ! If you want to run back to good old days just spritz on some musk or delicate floral notes and turn back time. Ladies ! let me tell you this, a man will never remember your handbag or your dress, but the perfume. Perfume can totally work that way.

A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a way of presenting oneself, that differs from person to person.  Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of a woman. The finishing touch, they say !

Without any further ado let me introduce you to Neesh that makes quintessential perfume for men and women. Since the genesis, NEESH has defined style and beauty. NEESH’s passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous perfumes in the world. We are a place where the story of our brand and its grand evolution will be told by our marvellous designs and prolific perfumes. ( source – Neesh )




I got these two beauties to review from Neesh. The best thing about this is the size and are very convenient for people who travel and also otherwise. When it comes to perfumes, I prefer musky or floral fragrance- mild. They do have strong and mild perfumes. These two perfumes that I received were mild but were pretty strong for me, which was the only con. As strong as attar  !!


This one for sure is a long lasting one. Neesh says its a bang on scent to wear to amuse your partner. The fragrance of Moha Beau-T reminds me of the times when you just want to walk down memory lane where everything winds up from happiness to strife, a place that has your deepest and darkest secrets. It has a flaming intensity with the top note of french rose and saffron.


This beguiling scent is for an intransigent you – the beautiful you ! Belle-D-Oud  is a modern combination that combines the power of musk and dark amber. For the relentless you, who believes in yourself more than anyone and makes your own decisions, who touches and inspires everyone and make them feel beautiful too. The top not is a combination of Honey, Berry, Iran Saffron adding Indian Rose, Exotic Prune to the middle note. Sensual and magnetic !!

The packaging of the perfumes from Neesh are enchanting and gives you a royal touch. These 20 ml perfumes are just from Rs.340. If you believe in travelling light, you can start with these pocket size perfumes !! If you are like me, who likes mild perfumes, you can talk to the customer care online and get the right scent note for yourself. They know the best !

Loved it ? Let me know what notes you would prefer in your perfume down below in the comment box !! 🙂

Cheers 🙂

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12 thoughts on “You are never fully dressed without a perfume -Feat. Neesh Perfume”

  1. I usually prefer a perfume with a floral/fruity note but i could do with a light musky fragrance too. Talking about the above perfume, the packaging looks nice and unlike others, this one seems very convenient for while travelling and the price is very reasonable as well.


  2. Wow this is sooo attractive but quit expensive for me buy one day will buy 😊😊I love these small travel stuffs alot.thanqq soo much for the review 😍😍


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