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When In Doubt Wear Red Feat. Samshek

A few days back I wrote about a new fashion website titled “Feeling Blue” on The Small Town Blogger and here I am again with a different outfit from the same brand Samshek. Samshek is a fashion e-commerce site which lets you customise your outfit however you want and also lets you make changes with the size and not stick to the traditional small, large, medium, extra large etc. Isn’t that amazing!? Check out my earlier blog post featuring Samshek for more details on how their website works.

All my life the colour black has been my saviour for every occasion. Even when I go out to shop or surf online, it’s extremely difficult to take my eyes off the blacks and the greys. The result to that is all black-grey wardrobe. There was a day when I was in the mood of wearing something colourful or floral and the moment I opened my wardrobe I realised the problem. I couldn’t find a colour except for blacks & greys. Sigh! but after a lot of digging, I found a dull blue top that looked more grey than blue. I am sure most of you would relate to a situation like this but sometimes you need a change of colour and that’s where a solid colour comes in. Red is not just a colour it’s a state of mind. This magnificent colour also has so many shades in red that miraculously suits every woman. You know a woman means business when she puts on a red dress or a red lipstick. There is something about the energy of the colour red, it always makes you feel sexy come what may. So when in doubt where black and if not black, then stick to red! The best formula ever!!

I customised this red crop top with full sleeves and also had the liberty to custom tailor the length of the top. I love the 80’s style, looks like they are entering the fashion market again. From wide hand sleeves to frills on the skirt, love them all. This frill top is a fabulous crop top to mix & match with a skirt or trousers. You can also pair it with an ethnic bottom wear for a sangeet function or any Indian festival for an indo-western outfit ( add a big bindi for a powerful look). The fabric I chose for this particular top is silk and that’s why it looks so vibrant and lustrous. I have put together this crop top with black straight pants and a pair of high heels. Yes! I know I went a little crazy with the accessory but in my defence, I really wanted to show-off this choker that I had and I couldn’t find an opportunity to do so. Therefore, I used this choker as a head gear instead to give it a bohemian touch. The entire look gives an unconventional feel to the outfit. Doesn’t it?

Photography – ChillyStudio

Outfit Details –

Trousers – Local Boutique

Top – Samshek

Neckpiece aka Head Gear – All That is Pretty ( Instagram Account)

Location Courtesy – Thalassa Bangalore





Earlier Post feat. Samshek – Feeling Blue ( Click here )

What’s your favourite go-to colour other than black?

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Cheers !

15 thoughts on “When In Doubt Wear Red Feat. Samshek”

  1. I really like the concpet of being able to customize. It is so difficult to find tops that fit me well so many times. And that neckpiece ❤

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