Fashion Trendsetters for 2017 – Guide Yourself to a New Look

Catching up with the latest collections could be tough on your wardrobe and wallet with all new-ins and new-outs emerging consistently since the beginning of 2017. Much to the good fortune of fashion lovers, the year 2017 seems overwhelming as the major brands cast a spell by shelling out some of the trendiest seasonal collections. Besides explaining things that you ought to follow for maintaining that pristine look, this article even throws much light upon the top industry insiders. It will help us provide you with the latest style & fashion tips that will help you capitalise on your investments for the last year.


When it comes to all latest menswear, sportswear has been one of the biggest risers through the last few seasons. You’ll understand this unless you’ve been residing under any soundproof rock or failing to go with the latest trends.  Showcasing retro sportswear has been an affair of the 1980s. Brands and retailers are even prepared to go as far back as the 1970s to dig out the old sense of fashion.

What prevail in the long run are all subdued colours put on your staple pieces, while the keep pile consists of “The Royal Tenenbaums”.  You may obtain a pair of light running shoes by applying one of the latest Myntra coupon codes online.





Vertical Stripes

You’ll hardly find a time when stripes went out of fashion or were low in demand in the market.  The year 2016 saw an influx of options coming with a great variety of size and color, which yielded a great alternative for your classic Breton stripe.

The dividends are rich when you invest in any deckchair print. Vertical stripes are much sought after in almost fashion shopping portals in India, and they are applicable both from tailoring to T-shirts. You may even buy a few of the exclusive vertical stripe shirts online with the help of any unique Ajio discount coupon.








For Centuries, checks have always adorned the male wardrobe. However, the year 2016 witnessed the tartan as a welcome back trend. You’ll consider it a sound investment to put your money over a Prince of Wales check blazer or any plaid shirt. Be it a bombard jacket, trousers, T-shirts or Knitwear, designers are keen to apply checks to all outfits. Even if you made it great in 2016, use your neutral shades to make it better in 2017. Even while purchasing any expensive formal cotton shirt, you may compare all limeroad promo offers.





Flexible Trousers

The last few seasons have witnessed loose shapes and cuts making their way up to the mainstream, regardless of whether you’re acquiring them for your trousers, hoodies, and coats. For one more year, you’re likely to get used to a more relaxed way of dressing, which was initiated by all notable brands in 2016. If you’ve already found a relaxed option for yourself, make sure you hold on to it! Ensure extra comfort with the latest leggings collections by using your exclusive zivame discount coupons while shopping online.





Printed T-Shirts

Heading back in time is a natural practice for us, be it while choosing sportswear or picking a trendy shirt. Printed T-shirts have helped us experience our 1990s nostalgia through the last one season. Didn’t you come across a Justin Bieber and buy it instantly? You won’t have to hide it with a smile!

There’s simply no reason for you to panic when your wardrobe matches the likes of Marty McFly. Slogan Tees are here to reign, but you may add freshness by wearing them with your smart attires instead of adding layers below your denim jackets and flannel shirts. You may consider chinos that have been professionally fitted for creating a smart combination with your slogan tees.

Shopping across your favourite e-commerce portals have become a lot easier with the launch of coupon sites in India. Sites like Couponsji are making the headlines with new promotional offers every day. You’ll find the best e-commerce offers with some of these sites. You may simply earn your discount by collecting the coupons and applying them while checking out.


What’s your favourite trend that is on the best seller rack this year?

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16 Responses to Fashion Trendsetters for 2017 – Guide Yourself to a New Look

  1. Bhavya says:

    I am an Eternal Lover of stripes

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Vertical Stripes and Checks/gingham are my absolute favorites at the moment 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. FrooGal Fun says:

    Vertical Stripes and Checks/gingham are my absolute favorites at the moment

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The vertical stripes are always going to be my all all time favourite! 😀

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  5. Ashwini says:

    The pictures of checks look great:) I need to try a few soon ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Another stripes lover in the house!!!

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  7. swatiram says:

    I need ot get my hands on some vertical striped clothes. Love that trend the most!

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  8. Raman says:

    Tartan and Stripes! Loved this trend from last season.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. WOW! You could not have made this article better. I loved every bit of it.


  10. The sports-inspired athleisure trend is still going so strong!

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  11. Riya Solanki says:

    Amazing 💕😘


  12. Pankhuri says:

    I am all for Vertical Stripes😍 But somehow I just don’t like flexible trousers


  13. Lensq says:

    You always update with the latest trends! Thanks for the post!


  14. KalkiFahion says:

    The vertical stripes & checks are very much trendy. Thanks for sharing this post with latest fashion trends.


  15. The vertical stripes & checks are very much trendy. Thanks for sharing this post about the latest trend.


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