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Debunking Shaving Myths

Since the time I started waxing, I was always told that shaving was bad for my skin. Everyone around me also thought shaving made hair grow faster and thicker, which is a myth and not true at all. The growth of hair depends on your genetics and hormones. When I was in college, shaving was the only reasonable option. The problem was, we didn’t have a good razor then and most of them were either men’s razor or use and throw ones.

I will be busting some shaving myths here in this post! Hope this helps you change your mind about shaving.

  • It’s fine to use deodorant straight after shaving your underarms 

I have gone through this situation where right after shaving, I sprayed deo on my underarms and there was a burning sensation. I would suggest you spray only non-alcohol deodorant post your shave.

  • Shaving makes your skin dark

False! Shaving does not make your skin darker. If you use the right razor, there won’t be any cuts that would lead to an irritant change in your skin causing darkening. There use the right razor and you are good to go.

  • Shaving causes itching and rashes

Itching and rashes only happen if you don’t moisturize your skin on regular basis. Just like how you drink water to keep your body hydrated, your skin needs the same care. Wet your skin before shaving for a perfect shave. Shaving with an old blade might also be the reason behind itchiness and rashes. Make sure you use a fresh blade,

  • Pressing hard will give a closer shave

Pressing hard will only give you cuts and rashes. The razors already come with great technology that shaves the hair on your skin in one go.

  • Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give me a closer shave.

This will only irritate your skin more because you are basically rubbing the razor on the skin and not shaving it.

  • You should only shave to just above the knee.

You can totally shave above the knee but you have to very careful. This is completely your personal choice.

  • Shaving every day is bad for the skin.

False! I shave almost every day and haven’t found anything go wrong with my skin. The skin becomes smoother post the shave.

The Gillette Venus Breeze have moisture bars that release body butter on your skin when you shave. Make sure your skin is wet before the procedure. The moisture bars also helps the razor to glide effortlessly. Three blades in one give you a close shave with no cuts and rashes. The Gillette Venus Breeze helps with smooth and silky skin. It’s easy to change the blades once the moisture bars are completely consumed. Perfect for travel too.


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7 thoughts on “Debunking Shaving Myths”

  1. I really don’t understand why people still believe shaving is bad, its the most easiest and best hair removal method I have known! 🙂


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