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Debunking Shaving Myths

Since the time I started waxing, I was always told that shaving was bad for my skin. Everyone around me also thought shaving made hair grow faster and thicker, which is a myth and not true at all. The growth of hair depends on your genetics and hormones. When I was in college, shaving was… Continue reading Debunking Shaving Myths

My Favourites

Gillette Venus Breeze – Product Review

I have used the Gillette Venus Breeze since last few months. It’s the latest razor that the brand launched recently. There was a time when use and throw razors were raiding the markets and then slowly the brand tried to work on the product to bring out the most convenient razor for its consumers.  Gillette… Continue reading Gillette Venus Breeze – Product Review

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The GilletteVenusBreeze Launch – Subscribe To Smooth – Bangalore Edition

If you are social media enthusiast like me, you might be aware of the Gillette campaign that all the bloggers did on social media. They recently launched Venus Breeze Razor in India, which comes with two moisture bar, unlike any other razor. Therefore making it easier for anyone to razor on moist skin without any… Continue reading The GilletteVenusBreeze Launch – Subscribe To Smooth – Bangalore Edition