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Embrace Your Flaws

It’s fun watching interviews and while I was looking for some Mallika Dua interview videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon one with Anita Dongre and Mallika Dua. It started on an interesting note i.e. body shaming. It’s not just about people who are on the larger side but also for those who are a smaller size. I have noticed people cribbing anyways. Anita Dongre spoke about her brand i.e AND, Global Desi and Anita Dongre that caters to all shapes and sizes. She believes that one outfit looks different on everyone from XS to XXL. Before she introduces a new design to any of her brands, she makes sure the design is made for all size and shape and then launches it. It’s all about how you carry it and not what size you wear. I couldn’t agree more. Anita Dongre had also pointed out some facts on how few brands only cater to a certain size and don’t acknowledge the larger size. This not only cuts down the number of people who wear the brand but also creates a chance of discrimination. I know it’s a strong word but how difficult is it to make sizes that majority of men and women are of. Just saying!

There are many plus size online stores now that cater to people who are on the larger side. But what I don’t understand is why this separation. Why are there websites especially for plus size women? I am happy about the fact that there are stores that have understood that issue and have come out with this solution. But this is also where the division occurs. No, I am not promoting unhealthy lifestyle before someone says that. All I am saying is embrace your flaws and don’t be ashamed to try things that you dream of. All bodies are good bodies. Confidence is the only key! Real women come in different sizes and shapes. Especially Indian brands should have got that part right.

Because I am all about body positivity, IshtyleawhileAddicted Shades, and The Small Town Blogger have come together to show you how the same dress looks stunning on us. Please note we both have different body type. The dress that we chose to wear in this post is from our blogger friend’s (StylePrism) design house called Howrah Bridge by Adg.

Check Ishtyleawhile’s post – Bell Sleeves Shift Dress

Check Addicted Shades’s post – Howrah Bridge by ADG


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Dress – Howrah Bridge by ADG

Shoes – Street Style Store



















You are beautiful no matter what shape you are!

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15 thoughts on “Embrace Your Flaws”

  1. Loved this collaborated post concept!
    And even though you and krupa have different body types, the dress suits you both so well!


  2. I love the dress and the styling.You picked the perfect color, congrats on not picking black 🙂 Great collaboration you guys!
    Also please tell me what you’re trying to do with that bouquet 😛


  3. I absolutely love this dress on you! And you’re so spot on about brands making this separation, all bodies deserve to be respected.


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