The Sheer Story

I keep ranting about how my wardrobe is only filled with black clothes and then continue wearing and buying anything that’s black. Can I do anything about it? I don’t think so because everything in black looks so radiant and magnolious. It’s really difficult to find something colorful and trendy. None of the other colors have really caught my eye so far but I am on it i.e. hunting for some colorful clothes for a change. It’s a mission!

With paparazzi snapping all the celebrities in sheer outfits, we can’t get over how chic and fanciable the outfit looks on them. The sheer trend is a statement that has stayed for long from the subtle to the sexual, monochrome to colorful. It started as a sensual outfit but turned into an easy to wear apparel. The newest trend that bridges the gap between super sensual and super graceful. There are so many brilliant ways to style these sheer fashion.

After the cold shoulder trend has been hitting the markets in a crazy manner, it’s was time for some sheer love. My wardrobe is either filled with black or cold shoulder dresses. I was kind of tired of the same old cold shoulder tops dresses and grabbed this sheer top from H&M to try something different. And now it’s either cold shoulders or sheer tops and dresses everywhere. Sheer fashion is one of the key trends this season. It was The Coachella season styles that took over all the stores especially forever21 and H&M.  The sheer top that I bought came with a bodysuit. They are basically made out of thin threads which result in semi-transparent cloth. I personally find the peekaboo designs pretty coquettish.

I am still thinking of ways to style this sheer top. This is one of them!


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Top – H&M

Jeans– Mark & Spencers

Boots – Forever21

Shrug – Forever21

Head accessory – Street Side

















People who follow me on Instagram, please spot the difference.

Meanwhile, mesh it up and play peekaboo with all things mesh, sheer, and lace.

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13 Responses to The Sheer Story

  1. swatiram says:

    I cannot spot the difference…!! tell me tell me!
    Btw, loved the sheer top. Haven’t tried the trend yet, but maybe someday 🙂


  2. jmnowak says:

    I think one of the more flattering outfits for you! 🖤


  3. This is so different. Yet so you!


  4. sartorialsecrets88 says:

    Loving the way you’ve styled this one!


  5. Its a top! I thought this was a dress was some reason. Love how you styled it, and you look awesome!


  6. Raman says:

    Saying this again, your silver collection is just love! 😀


  7. I have always been in love with your collection of jewelry!


  8. I love how you give western outfits your own spin !


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