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On The Hunt For Colours

Remember the time when I was talking about transforming my black & gray wardrobe to a colorful one! That day has come. I have started ignoring the color black and I must say breakup’s with human beings is less painful compared to breaking up with the color black. It’s pretty tough!

With the GST babel around us, e-commerce websites and stores are going crazy with a huge sale. H&M, Forever21, Zara, Lifestyle everyone has crazy discounts. Name it and they are on sale. I couldn’t help it but enter these stores to look for some amazing deals. H&M usually has neutral tones so I didn’t splurge much and just got these two from their store. You can’t blame it on me if I wear black because all these stores only had blacks and grays. Hence, I decided to start with the color blue which is obviously a dark shade and not black. Outlets rarely have any colors except for brands like Global Desi and AND.

It was my birthday last month so my gang decided to head out of Bangalore to this delightful resort in Karwar. As a blogger, the struggle for location is real. The first thing that struck me was outfit shoot location, so I caught hold of my friend Kamal, who is a brilliant artist, to take my pictures for my blog. This resort had a view of the Kali river which then connected to the sea. There were tiny islands that you could go to either by crossing the river on feet or via the coracle. The view was breathtaking. June is the month we overdose on vitamin sea. Last year it was Goa and Varkala whereas this year it was Karwar and Gokarna. Monsoon time is apparently the offseason but all these coastal areas look picture perfect only during the monsoons. On our way back to Bangalore, we stopped for lunch at Gokarna. It was a long weekend and every tourist place was packed with people from Bangalore. We found a tiny sea facing shack with fewer people and settled there for our lunch break. Like all good things come to an end, this trip did too.

P.S. The weather was humid and sultry, hence that weird look on my face.

Photography – KamalRaj 

Dress – H&M

Shoes – H&M







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