A Thing Called Fashion

The Fusion

Prints are great but there is something about solid colours that speaks for itself. Personal style changes from person to person and city to city. Fashion Weeks are something I look forward to virtually. You might have seen me in darker shades of black and grey for the longest time but I would be the first to raise my hand if you asked, if there is someone in the room who loves solid colours. One such fashion designer who uses solid colour effortlessly is Payal Khandwala. What makes her outfits stand out is the beautiful structure and cuts of the pieces. Whether it’s mustard, bright red or purple from head to toe, she knows how to put it all together successfully.

I have a newfound love for solid colours and tried a similar design for my cousin’s wedding this month. I took a screenshot of one of Payal Khandwala’s design and got the fabric for the outfit. Thank god for the tailor who understood my requirement and made it look stunning. This was an impromptu shoot because I wasn’t planning on writing about it but then the professional photographer took pretty decent pictures of mine and I thought why not!

Wondering how to style solid colours? Well, remember to choose the colours wisely and make sure it goes well with each other. Make sure your hair and makeup are not too bold because solid colours create a unified look rather than having a statement outfit effect. I am a sucker for statement neck pieces but I wore a simple long necklace instead of something majestic. If you over do solid colours the beauty of the outfit dies so just remember to balance everything.









What do you think about this fusion?

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8 thoughts on “The Fusion”

  1. Your styling makes you very beautiful! And trust me this winter I am looking forward to more solid colours than blacks and greys! I would soon start getting tailor made stuff like you 🙂


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