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Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal


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  • How To Reach Kodaikanal?

There are different ways in which you can reach Kodaikanal (obviously). The route and the transport you choose depends on you. We booked our train tickets to Kodaikanal from Bangalore since there were no buses available around that time. We boarded  Tuticorin Express that reached Kodai Road by 8am. Kodaikanal is up the hill and Kodai road is basically the foothills of Kodaikanal. The best thing you could do if you are planning to travel by train is to book yourself a cab beforehand for your onward journey to the hills. The cabs outside the railway station ask for more than the usual rate because they know that’s the only option you have. There are local buses that go up but only early in the morning around 5-6am.

Two ways to go up the hills if you are travelling via train-

  1. Bus – Early Morning 5-6am
  2. Cab – Rs.1500-1800

If you are travelling by bus or a cab to Kodaikanal then you have nothing to worry. The bus will drop you at the main Kodaikanal bus stop. All the private and government buses move from this same bus station in Kodaikanal. Fortunately, we got a KSRTC bus for our return journey from Kodaikanal to Bangalore. Remember to book your bus or train ticket way before the travel date.

  • How To Travel Locally?

There are city cabs and jeeps that you can hire to travel locally for sightseeing or otherwise. You can even ask your hotel management to get a cab because they always have a tie-up with at least one of these cabs companies. Travelling locally is pretty reasonable since Kodaikanal is a small city. You can either walk it or get a pickup and drop service for Rs. 150 one way.

  • Booking a Hotel

There are hotels and homestays in every corner and lane. Finding a place to stay is not difficult. We booked it via www.booking.com and stayed at Pine Borough Inn which was close to the Kodai Lake.

  • Things To Do

I have written about 5 Things To Do In Kodaikanal a few days back.

  • When To Visit

Kodaikanal being a hill station always has a pleasant climate. Traveling during any season isn’t a bad decision. Living in a city where winter is not a real thing, I decided to travel during Diwali i.e. October-November. The weather dropped down to 8degrees in October with moderate rain. The monsoon time is usually offseason because of heavy rainfall, which makes it difficult to travel locally. Summers doesn’t get too hot.

  • Safety 

The locals in Kodaikanal are extremely helpful and cooperative. The city sleeps by 8pm so travelling alone after 8pm won’t be safe with no one on the road.


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Hoping that I have covered necessary questions regarding Kodaikanal.

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