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The Shoe Love

Blaming it on the new year for all the delay in my blog posts. This particular post was supposed to go up last month but due to some personal reasons, I couldn’t work on it as per the scheduled time.

There are times when you just walk into Zara to window shop and also memorise the style number (maybe if you are as crazy as I am). When you realise how expensive the new arrivals apparels and shoes are, you console yourself by coming back to the store during the sale time. I am one of them because sometimes Zara just has an insane price tagged to an extremely basic apparel or any random accessory. Zara shoes undoubtedly are tempting and one of a kind. Also, very expensive! While I was looking out for nothing in particular but something to buy, I saw this beautiful satin pointed heels in the corner. I picked it up and later kept it back exactly how it was showcased after checking the price and I told my heart I will be back at the end of season sale. Few months passed by and I had forgotten about it until my dear friend Satarupa from Fashion & Frappes returned from her United Kingdom trip wearing the same satin pointed heels but in green.

Guess what happened next?

And now, I was sure I wanted it by hook or by crook. The Zara store in Bangalore is 30kms away from where I stay and travelling all the way to the other end of the city just for a pair of satin pointed heels didn’t sound reasonable. Thankfully, Zara had just launched its online store in India thus the travel problem was solved. I rushed back home and opened my laptop to look for those beautiful heels on their website. You won’t believe what I saw! These beauties were on sale and it was half the price. God is kind!

And in less than five days these blue beauties were part of my life. In this post, the pictures speak of this shoe story.  Shot brilliantly by the photographer.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Sheer Dress – H&M

Straight Pants – Melange

Boots – Zara














Hope you liked the post!

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