Reasons Why You Should Wear Chappals At Home

Before I begin to share the reason, let me tell you that there is science involved!

There are a million reasons why chappals are worn at home. We always hear about Asians roaming around at home barefoot so that the floor is clean and hygienic. Sometimes at the workplace, we are asked to leave our footwear outside, one could be because of religious reasons, and the second is to keep the place pristine. 

I wear slippers at home because my feet feel dry and rough. But there are significant reasons why you should and let’s talk about that! Flat slippers can make a lot of difference to your health and lifestyle. 

  • The most common one being cold and flu – when you walk bare feet, the blood circulation reduces as your body heat keeps reducing, because of which you catch a cold unknowingly. Wearing slippers will help you normalize your blood flow and keep your immune system more robust.
  • Some numerous viruses and bacteria are invisible to your naked eye. Despite all the cleaning and surface disinfectant, you can never be sure. These microorganisms can creep into your body through your feet (like a carrier). Chappals can protect you from transferring these invisible bacteria and viruses to other individuals and yourself. 
  • I have also learnt that good slippers or chappals keep your body balanced right and makes you walk comfortably on the surface without tripping or knee pains. This applies to both kids and older people. 
  • The most important thing is the comfort of your feet. After a tiresome day of running around at work, all you want is comfort at home, where you can relax and rejuvenate. That’s why you have those soft slippers available in the market. Who wouldn’t feel warm and good!
  • Like I mentioned earlier, the body heat transfers to the floor from your feet, resulting in low blood circulation, because of which sometimes your feet get swollen up. Slippers help you keep that heat of your feet intact for the blood flow across typically. 

I know many people who don’t have the habit of wearing slippers at home, but I wish people would start practising the same for health benefits and your good. There have been a million times where I have rushed out of the house to pick up a parcel from the basement barefoot, which is not correct. There are germs everywhere! It would be best if you also understood the need to clean the slippers daily to wash away the invisible bacteria you have been stamping on while walking around the house. If not clean, the same slipper you think is hygienic is still acting as a microorganism carrier. 

These are a few of the reasons why wearing chappals are considered vital in the first place. Good flat slippers that suit your feet are so important in your lifestyle and can make a lot of difference in your well-being. I hope I have made my point through this blog post!




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