Five Tips to Select Your Honeymoon Dress

It’s raining weddings everywhere. Wedding planning might sound like the most difficult occasion to plan and organise, but I think outfits to wear during the wedding and honeymoon dress are the most difficult to shop for. There is no doubt on how much the entire wedding shenanigans might drain you emotionally, but in the end,… Continue reading Five Tips to Select Your Honeymoon Dress


Reasons Why You Should Wear Chappals At Home

Before I begin to share the reason, let me tell you that there is science involved! There are a million reasons why chappals are worn at home. We always hear about Asians roaming around at home barefoot so that the floor is clean and hygienic. Sometimes at the workplace, we are asked to leave our… Continue reading Reasons Why You Should Wear Chappals At Home

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Wardrobe Essentials For Every Girl

I am sure you are aware of my recent collaboration with Raman from Hues of Me. We decided to come together and make life easier by listing out five wardrobe essentials each for women. We have all been through that trial & error phase in the fashion category. Making mistakes is how you learn but clearly… Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials For Every Girl