A Thing Called Fashion

The Banjaran

I am sure by now, you would have realised what my signature style looks like. Layering is one my favourite part. Whoever introduced shrugs, capes and long jackets to the world – God Bless You!

I was not really a fashionable person but the moment I realised the secret behind being one is by wearing what’s comfortable, I knew it wasn’t that difficult. It all started with being confident in what I wore. There was a time when dresses were never my thing and now I can’t ignore them when I see one at a store. Also, there are so many incredible fashion designers who come up with bewildering designs and influencers who carry it so well that makes you want the outfit more. But the question is, do you think everything you like on someone else will look good on you? I am sure most of you would not agree to that because obviously, you have a unique and an amazing personality that is different for every individual. Fashion is a way to speak who you are without even having to speak. I have said that a million times in my posts and I am saying it again. There is a huge difference between copying someone’s style and being influenced by someone. It’s not necessary that everytime you copy someone’s style, it will look good on you. Nope! On the other hand, if you are influenced by someone, you will try to modify the same outfit that you saw according to your style. Understand? The best example is the mannequin – The mannequins have the top picks from the brand and most of us enter the store after looking at the mannequin’s outfit outside. But the moment you enter the trial room with that same outfit, you know what happens!!

I try to Indianise my western outfit by adding either a bindi or an anklet. That’s my style. A mix of a gipsy soul and a modern woman. If you ask me, what are those two things that I swear by? I would say long shrugs and statement jewellery. I can never do anything without them. Shrug and statement neckpieces are my dope. I can’t have enough of them.

In this post, the texture and the pattern of the long shrug/cape totally changes the way you would look at that basic white dress. Anklets are my all-time favourites. So, I wore two oxidised anklets on one leg and added an armlet to the same leg. Brogue shoes and an Indo western outfit is a quintessential combination. Don’t you think so?


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress  – TheLabelLife

Cape/Shrug – Tailor Made

Leg Accessories – Street Side shops

Neckpiece – Ajio

Shoes – Ajio























Hope you liked the post!

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23 thoughts on “The Banjaran”

  1. Yellow and white outfit with a little contrast of red shoes is just fab. The style of long yellow shrug just changed the whole outlook. And of course fantastic photography.


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