The Festive Post

Happy Durga Puja!

The festive season is here and I can’t keep my cool. It’s that time of the year where you have long holidays, travel plans or just hopping around the city. Just like last year, I am again here with a sari post but this time I chose the conventional way rather than my radical sari styling way.

I always wanted a typical Bengali white & red sari and I asked my very talented friend Anupriya, if she knew where I could find it. And she did! If you didn’t know, she is the mastermind and the designer behind Howrah Bridge by Adg. Howrah Bridge has everything that a typical girl needs and size has never been a bar for them.  Don’t ask me how I missed on styling this sari last year! But back of my mind, I knew this sari was in a desperate need to be draped and I couldn’t find a better time than 2018 Durga Puja. I have gone past the need of getting a blouse stitched for the sari and instead just pair a contrast crop top with it. It’s comfortable and chic and the most important part is that it’s convenient too.  You would have noticed the handmade neck piece in my earlier post also. Some stylists say if you have a statement earring, avoid a statement neck piece but I decided to go crazy here and paired both together. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the entire look by adding a bright red bindi. It’s a must! For a change I used the bum bag has a wrist-let but I think the colour of the bag camouflaged with the sari.

Hunting for a location to shoot is the most difficult task ever as a blogger. I am highly grateful to the team of The Bohemian House for giving me this opportunity to use their beautiful space to shoot and it turned out way better than what we had expected it to look like. The best part about this shoot was the vintage car that was parked outside the cafe which added that vintage Bengali Raj Bari look.

Draping a sari is an art, believe it or not. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone can drape it but only a few master it. Thank god nobody was around me when I draped this sari and came out to shoot, because only I know how difficult and flawed it was.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top  – Forever21

Sari – Howrah Bridge by Adg

Accessories – Bauble Love

Bum Bag – Westside










Hope you liked the post!

Location Courtesy – The Bohemian House

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Wardrobe Essentials For Every Girl

I am sure you are aware of my recent collaboration with Raman from Hues of Me. We decided to come together and make life easier by listing out five wardrobe essentials each for women. We have all been through that trial & error phase in the fashion category. Making mistakes is how you learn but clearly a lot of us are still confused about how to work things out with the clothes we have in our wardrobe.

We realised the trick. Well, the trick is to have just the basic clothing essentials. That makes it easier for you to pair it up with anything, even on days when you are confused and on days you wonder why you don’t have enough clothes. Been there done that. Pairing is also a major knack that sometimes goes wrong. Be careful there. That is only the reason why we decided to talk about it ( find the link to the video below). We worked on this guide based on our signature style and basic needs.

Being in the blogging industry is difficult. There are times when you have to head out for brand events and can’t find anything to wear. It’s obviously not the right thing to do by buying new clothes for all these events. I believe in recreating styles with the same clothes that I have in my wardrobe.

My essentials are :

  • Kurta or Tunic

For all the lazy people who have days when they just want to slip into something easy and rush out, this is a must have. A kurta can be styled easily with pants or pair of jeans and a tunic can be styled as a dress too. I completed my entire college life in kurtas. The easiest to pair.

  • Cotton Pants 

There are various trending pants in the fashion market. From wide leg pants to high waist cotton pants, they are killing it with all the retro and contemporary designs. An essential because you can wear it with anything that you have in your wardrobe.

  • Shrug

I cheated here and added my signature essential to this list. Shrugs or any other outer wear for that matter is a perfect add on to a dull outfit.

  • Plain White Shirt 


  • Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are smart, chic and worldly. A perfect party wear if you are not a dressy person like the other party animals. A plain colour midi skirt also works as a perfect office wear if your office allows. I am currently taking a pause from my pencil skirts craze and shifting to midis.


To check out Hues of Me aka Raman’s essentialsClick Here

YouTube Link – Wardrobe Essentials Video

Video & Photography Courtesy : Shivam Bansal


  • Styling #1



  • Styling #2



  • Styling #3



Hope you liked the post! And don’t forget to check out the video.

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World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

Times Now had recently quoted in a recent article that “high waist pants are the essentials you didn’t know your closet was missing”. These old school pants are slowly making their place into everyone’s wardrobe. Wide leg pants or high waist pants are super chic and comfortable. It makes a perfect work wear as well as a party wear outfit. I understand that some people think that these high waist pants might make them look bulky and short but that is why we have HEELS! You can either tuck in your shirt or a blouse or pair it with a crop top. If you are still not comfortable with high waist wide leg pants, you can look for high waist straight pants, which won’t make you look bulky or short. But make sure you are comfortable in them. Don’t just wear it for the trend.

Here I am showing off my high waist wide leg pants from Shein. But before that let me share a story about how we found this location. I live in an area close to all the out-houses where the house helps live. Most of the houses are super colourful and bright. I realised that my outfit was a little pale and needed a bright wall to add colour. That is when I found this yellow house where close to my place. Took their permission obviously before we started with the shoot. They obviously thought it was a filmy shoot and were very excited like every other passer by.

Coming to the outfit details, crop tops become easier to wear when you have a high waist pant or jeans. Doesn’t show much and hides good amount of skin. I have short legs and these pants made me look short. So, I decided to pair it up with a pair of heels from Westside, that a friend of mine had gifted.

What do you think of these high waist trousers & pants? And how would you style it?

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top  – Zara

Pants – Shein India

Heels – Westside







Hope you liked the post!

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The Classic Retro Combination

It’s funny how we blindly follow a set of rules when it comes to pairing two pieces of clothing together. There are times when you want to take the risk but are scared of the repercussion. The moment you pick out a piece of printed top or a bottom wear, in your head you have already registered that a print can only go well with a plain solid colour. Isn’t that true? What if you you paired two different prints together? Have you ever tried that combination?

Some time back when I was looking for something new to make me happy, I obviously went window shopping online. I saw this polka dot skirt with a frill lining at the end and wanted it hanging in my wardrobe. The issue here was, I am not a very polka dots friendly person until now. But I still decided to get it and try it out because of the shape of that skirt. When I received the skirt, I knew I had to go retro atleast for once. I decided to pair it up with another print and see how it looked. You can scroll down to see what happened next.

I personally think, the combination of a monochrome stripes top and a polka dot skirt did give me a retro vibe. Don’t you think so? Also, I tried to layer my hair like those vintage hair styles that we see in most of the black and white movie. Polka dots can never go out of fashion if styled well. I still have a Minnie Mouse toy wearing a red polka dot dress. That is where the trend started. They are age friendly, classy and voguish. Vintage fashion is trendy and fun!

Now again fashion ideas changes from person to person, someone who loves Indo-western may not like street style or someone who likes fast fashion won’t understand the beauty of vintage fashion. And then there are people like me who loves a mix of every trend. If you think print on print is too much, try adding a hint of retro print to your plain outfit. For example, a polka dot shoe, bag or a scarf. There are such adorable polka dots footwear available online.

All I would like to say is, recreate new fashion styles and share it with the world.

Outfit Details –

Top  – Zara

Skirt – Shein India

Heels – Stolen from my Aunt.












Location Courtesy – Renaissance Bengaluru

Hope you liked the post!

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