It’s Picnic Time!

Wishing you all Happy Dussehra!

The most awaited Pujo has come to an end in a flash. After three days of continuous intake of delectable Bengali food and running to the pandal, coming back to the normal routine is extremely difficult. Life is going to be so boring again. Ugh!! Thank god for the long weekend, will recover from the Pujo madness slowly before the mundane practice begins. All I can think about is Diwali now. I am planning to document my outfits of the week on the blog soon. Mostly concentrating on what I wore for Durga Pujo this year as promised.

As a kid, picnics was something we always looked forward to on children’s day. My mother used to run a kindergarten school in Durgapur with her childhood friend – Krishna Aunty. Once in a year, they would organize a picnic for their kindergarten kids and we would always tag along (Me and Krishna Aunty’s daughter most of the time). There were games and prizes obviously to lure us. Badminton and cricket accessories were the mandatory tools that we carried with us to the park.  Homemade food and juices served in paper plates and plastic glasses were so much fun. While our mothers would play Tambola – The Indian Bingo, we kids would be busy running around playing all childhood games.

In a busy city like Bangalore, it’s impossible because most of the parks here are strictly maintained and don’t allow picnics. Also, it’s difficult to find time to participate in something like this. A few weeks back we went to this prepossessing homestay far away from the hustle bustle of the city life called The Courtyard House. Shivani came along with me and carried few sugary cupcakes from home. I couldn’t wait to finish the shoot so that we could gobble up those cupcakes. The luscious green grass and the peaceful environment reminded me of those good old school picnic days. I always look for pretty places because that’s where I feel the most alive. If you wander often, you wonder always. The best place to wear your thinking cap and come up with brilliant ideas and also solutions to your problem.

Whether it’s a sunrise breakfast on the mountains or brunch picnics in a serene location, we always enjoy the warm air, good company, and great food. Not just that, you have to also dress accordingly because occasion with rosé and finger food is just begging to be Instagrammed. I wore this multicolored printed cold shoulder dress from Afamado and styled it with a pair of peach color heels. Remember to keep your eye on the weather app and dress accordingly. The cold shoulder dress is chic and yet so comfortable, making it a perfect outfit for a picnic. I also carried a pair of extra brogues with me to change when required. Wear something dreamy and pair it with relaxing shoes to wear all day long.

This is your ultimate guide to look cute for a picnic.


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Dress – Afamado

Heels – DoneByNone

















Partner in crime – The Velvet Radio aka Shivani B.

Location Courtesy – The Courtyard House

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The Pujo Vibe

It’s that time of the year when everyone is eagerly waiting for Maa Durga. By everyone, I mean Bengalis and people like me. My cheeks are flushed in exhilaration because Durga Pujo is almost here. Can’t wait for the city to light up with cheerfulness and embellishments. This is my favourite time of the year since I was a kid. Not just because our school was shut for long also because this was the time when we would go out shopping other than my birthday obviously. Our entire gang would literally gang-up in the nearest pandal and chill. We actually do that even now. I understand that the rest of India also celebrates Durga Puja but there is something about how Bengalis celebrate the arrival of Goddess Durga. Durga Maa basically brings everyone together for four days of fun and happiness. The food, the people, and the dhak! It’s not just a festival that we celebrate, IT’S AN EMOTION!

Apart from the cultural rituals and the evening festivities, another thing I look forward to is the fashion. The deep cut blouses with quirky sarees and dresses are striking and trendy. Everyone adds glamour to the already decked up festival and make a style statement like never before. It’s the fashion season when everyone wants to surf the internet and run around malls to buy arresting outfits. I have done that too! It’s an annual festival that lets everyone flaunt their style and make head turns. This is also where you will find those trending outfits from fashion weeks and the runway. All the reputed fashion designers and brands would have started preparing for Durga Pujo two months prior to the festival. All the brands are up with their special festive offers and deals to be competitive. Well, it’s all about “Kota Jama Holo?” (Translation – How many clothes did you buy so far?). Usually, women and men wear Indian wear during the day because of the rituals and change into western wear according to the situation and time.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to curate something for Durga Pujo. I am planning to go all retro and ultra modern this season with big bindis and bold statement accessories. Also, I have realized that fusion is my thing. In this post, I have layered this simple yellow uppadu silk saree with a spaghetti top and a tailor-made shrug. Instead of tying my saree the usual way, I started with wide pleats and wrapped the pallu around my neck. I wore the saree on a pink long slit skirt with my favorite black boots. This is one of the ways you can style it. You will be surprised to know the number of ways in which you can wear a saree.

Since festivals are all about vibrant colors, I decided to do some color blocking with the saree. What do you think about this outfit?


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Saree – Kalanjali

Boots – Forever21

Top – Forever21

Shrug – Tailor Made


















Be dramatic and go glam this Durga Pujo!

Location Courtesy – The Courtyard House

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That Small Town Blogger

A pink bodycon dress was all I wanted and finally, I found one on Zaful. Before getting into the outfit details and style I wanted to talk about my journey so far.

The Small Town Blogger was a fine decision I made. It started as a travel and food blog and later turned into fashion and lifestyle with fashion taking over most part of The Small Town Blogger. I was initially very skeptical about starting a blog and sharing my pictures on Instagram but the confidence just kept building up post after post. A few months later I met few amazing bloggers Ishtyleawhile, FashionandFrappes, HuesofMe, Styleprism, and AddictedShades who helped me understand the community better. We were and are a bunch of bloggers who always help each other when it comes to brand collaboration and blog ideas. And I think that’s how a community should be – Transparent & Supportive. Currently, in the blogosphere, everyone wants to run over the other for some weird reason which I don’t understand and still am clueless. A blog is your personal space and that’s why it’s called “A Personal Blog”. It’s your style and your diary. Why copy?

Another major concern is followers and engagement – If you want to work on your engagement, I can understand. As a blogger, you have to work on your social media engagement to reach more audience and it’s very difficult but buying followers is not an answer to that! For example, in case you just started your blog two months back and decided to buy followers because all you want is a brand collaboration with A class brands, you are not a blogger. You are just a person with money. Understand? If you follow the right path and grow organically, not only do people recognize your work but brands desperately will get in touch with you for work and that my friend is always satisfying!

I do get emails from random communities to buy followers, but I have never bought any. My engagement on social media fluctuates every day but I stay calm and let it go because my blog is my only concern. There are times when I have promoted the post on social media but frankly speaking, I didn’t gain anything. The audience that I got via “promote button” wasn’t the audience I wanted on my feed and most of the time these people don’t even understand what a blogger does! So yeah! There are times when glamour and brand turns you into a greedy scavenger and that is what leads to inorganic reach.

Coming to the post – Light colors are my nemesis except for whites. A light color would always make me look bloated and that always bothered me. Since I was looking for colors, I decided to try out this peachy pink bodycon dress for a change.  The material was super delicate and soft, unlike other bodycon dresses. Here in this post, I have kept it simple and modish.


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress  – Zaful

Accessory – Alankara India

Heels – Westside Stores














Location Courtesy – XU Bar & Kitchen, Bangalore

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How To Layer A White Shirt – Street Style

White shirts are practically for styling and obviously can be styled interestingly. Blue jeans and white shirt always appealing. A white shirt is iconic, functional and pure. It’s all about that classic white shirt.

Most of the time, one of the best sartorial inspiration comes from the street, from the people you see and from them who walk past you. There are some amazing personalities and well-dressed people we meet in the city centers and the streets. You can always work out a street style look by mixing and matching a variety of brands and styles. Sometimes, you see people replicating the fashion week trend with so much ease. Inspiration is every where and all you got to do is try them out and see if it’s worth it. Also, your own ideas always make an inspiration for others to follow.

I believe that a white shirt is a basic necessity – man or woman, girl or a boy! There are so many ways you can style and use that old white shirt. A basic white shirt is that one piece that everyone owns. There are different ways you can style the same shirt everyday differently. These are also one of the most trending posts in the internet world. Even if you have one, you always need the best fit. I got this white shirt from Zaful and thought of different ways to style it. Street Style is something I have rarely posted about on my blog. I paired this plain white slit shirt with a multi-color jacket and a pair of trousers. The trousers I am wearing is a straight fit one. Because it’s a classic staple shirt, you can never go wrong with it! Layering is a huge trend this season. Layer this white shirt with a long blazer or a quirky vest and you are good to go.

Have some faith on that old white shirt that fits you well and if you don’t have one, hunt for that white shirt begins. Layer with quirky or a statement piece. It’s both practical and stylish without looking out of place!

Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Shirt  – Zaful

Trousers – Mango

Jacket – Limeroad

Choker – Knick Knack Knock

Shoes – Koovs














Also, let me know if you would want me to do a “How To Style a White Shirt in Different Ways” post.

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