Healthy Skin Care with Pure Bubbles – Product Review




I believe that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make-up. You have to be good to your skin because that’s the most important thing that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. There is obviously no instant cure. You have to put in your time and effort for a healthy skin.

I am totally into the skin care thing. Starting from washing my face with a good face wash to keeping it hydrated when I am traveling out. I always make sure to scrub my face once in a week and religiously wash my face right after I finish my work and come back home. Unfortunately, my work includes a lot of traveling in the city with adds a layer of dust on my face, making it heavy and dull. The moment I wash it all out, I feel extremely fresh. Not Kidding! Skin care is essential, whereas make-up is a choice.

Introducing a home-made natural brand – Pure Bubbles. They use pure, eco-friendly and biodegradable products to make hand-made bath and body treats. I received few products from them a few weeks back and have been using them since then to review it for you all.

  • Black-out Hydrating Face Wash  – Firstly, this face wash is black in color. Obviously, it caught my attention. This face wash miraculously removes the dust or dirt layer on your face leaving your face hydrated and fresh. I have never seen such amazing results with any other face wash. I use it twice a day.
  • Foot & Body Butter – This foot and body better are perfect for people who have rough hands and dry & cracked heels. It softened my hands and feet and also keeps it hydrated.
  • Lavender and Chamomile Face Gel – This face gel is yet another amazing product that I have been using religiously. I usually use this gel before I head out and want to look fresh. The post effect of the gel is ah-mazing. It brightens your face quite literally.
  • Under Eye Nourishing Cream – I have rarely used this product but this under eye cream shows results only if you apply it regularly. The nourishing cream has helped me in getting rid of those dark circles so far.
  • Choco Coffee Face Scrub – Face scrub is a necessity. Like their other products, it does it’s work brilliantly. Removes the dead skin layers and keeps your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Aloe Rose Gel – You can use this product with a moisturizer. I use this product as an anti-suntan gel. It keeps my skin fresh and soft. You can actually use this product in multiple ways.
  • Pure Amber Body Butter – Body butter is such a wonderful discovery. The fragrance of this body butter is extremely pleasant. The combination of these oils helps in quickly healing the driest of the skin.



There are very few products that actually worked on my skin and these are one of those products that have shown incredible results. You should try Pure Bubbles too and see the results.

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Denim Free Summer Outfit

It’s that time of the year when you pack your jeans and warm clothes inside and bring those flowy lightweight dresses, pants, and skirts out. There are a lot of people who love wearing jeans every day, but I would rather prefer wearing cotton pants on a hot humid day than something that sticks to my skin. An alternative to jeans are loose weight pants like palazzos, high waist cotton pants, culottes, basically all sorts of summery lightweight pants. Brands like Stalkbuylove, Ajio, Vajor have such amazing cotton pants that will make you throw away those jeans.

I was desperately looking for high-waist cotton pants to pair it up with crop tops that have been lying in my wardrobe since ages. High-waist pant is a perfect fit for my body type and structure. Thankfully, stalkbuylove has some amazing pants for the summer and had to add it to my cart. Since then, I have been eating and sleeping in these pants because they are surprisingly very comfortable.

Crop tops are perfect for summer and all this while whenever I would wear one, I would add a shrug for my own weird reason. Now that I have my favorite summer pants, I can go cray cray pairing it up with my abandoned (not anymore) crop tops. For obvious reasons, earlier I was not really confident with crop tops and now I don’t really care much. I noticed this particular crop top in a fashion youtuber’s video and looked for it in the store. They had black, pink & green and of course, I got them all. Can you relate to that? You like something so much, that you buy the same design in different colours!

Crop or tank is the perfect top to pair with skirts and loose pants. A lot of them wear it with denim but that combination doesn’t really soothe my eyes. When I look at it, I feel as if there is something missing or the entire combination doesn’t feel like a complete outfit.

I know summer means light and calm colours but I just couldn’t find a summery colour. If you know me, you know I run towards the darkest possible colors!

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top – H&M

Pants – Splash Fashion

Heels – Zara

Choker – Ayna | Silver Necklace – Street Side 






















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Shimmer and Shine

Being a fashion blogger is most of the time difficult. Won’t say it’s a cup of tea! The most strenuous part of being a fashion blogger is sprinting around the city for shoot locations. Not all cafes and restaurants understand the work that we do, hence they don’t permit the same. There are times when you are looking for a dawn mood in the background which falls rightly around office timings. It becomes a bit awkward with people walking around and wondering what’s happening! This was one of those days. It was exactly when all the employees were heading back home.

Keeping all those aside, I decided to concentrate what I was there for and started with the shoot. The combination of grey, yellow and the colorful traffic was imposing. Don’t you think so too? This summer I am obsessed with high waist trousers and palazzos. I think they are perfect for the warm climate.

This long shimmer silver wrap top can be tucked in and tucked out as per your convenience. I kept it simple by styling it with plain black palazzos and black heels. There are so many ways you can style these plain color palazzos this season. It makes for a perfect street style trend. They are wide and incredibly comfortable and are also a perfect fit for every body shape. You can always experiment with colors and patterns when it comes to these lightweight pants. Palazzos can be styled easily with casual tees, crop tops, tunics, corset etc.

Thank god for reinventing the palazzos from the 70’s. My life seems better. Currently, curating outfit ideas for the summer season. More posts coming up soon!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and also don’t forget to leave your valuable comment down below.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top – H&M

Pants – Splash Fashion



















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The Summer Story

With the sun shining brightly over our head since the last couple of days, it’s just terrifying to think about leaving the house. Thankfully, the rain god has been kind and tried cooling the city down for few days. My already tan hands and legs are tanner than before. These days I don’t wake up with the help of the numerous number of alarms that start barking every five minutes but because of the heat and the sweat. This is my 10th year in the garden city – Bangalore and I am shocked to see this city to turn into a furnace.  There was a time when the city had no fans, leave alone air conditioners and coolers but seems like it’s time now.  Talk about global warming!

I love layering not just during winters but also when it scorching hot outside and the passerby think I am crazy. Oh yes! I am crazy!!

So here in this post, I styled this beautiful silk cape from Howrah Bridge with an off-shoulder tunic and straight black pants. Not really a summer color but eh who cares! I know I am obsessed with cape and shrugs. A layer of extra clothing changes the style of the entire outfit completely, just like when you accessorize your outfit. Not that I have a lot of shrug or capes but just the basic ones that are easy to pair up with any of my outfits. With the layers of clothes on my body, I also layered the neckpieces from my junk jewelry trunk. Both of them don’t really match but I like the combination. What do you think? One of them is a choker neckpiece from Zara and the long neckpiece is from TheLoom. They both had a little thread/tassel work hence the combination.

Hope you like the post!

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top – Forever21

Shrug – Howrah Bridge

Pants – Marks&Spencer

Heels – BK Market, Kolkata


DSC_7128 (1)












Stay hydrated!

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