The Endless Affair

~ A girl and her accessories are an endless affair ~

I met some amazing people after I came to Bangalore for studies. Most of them applied Kohl/Kajal and I loved the way their eyes looked. That is when I started wearing Kajal every day without fail and then there was no looking back. I am obsessed with Kajal and it’s that one thing that I always carry with me. Everyone in college had a unique style of dressing. Short kurtas from westside were pretty reasonable then (student friendly) and I had their entire collection (70%). So my basic style in college was a short kurta, paired up with jeans, kajal and fake silver earrings. Yes! So before I turned into a statement neckpiece connoisseur, I had a fetish for oxidised earrings. My tiny little hostel closet would have boxes full of earrings. Later in life when I discovered the beauty of statement neckpieces, the boxes increased but with more statement neckpieces.

Dressing up is not just about the outfit, it’s also about the accessories that go with it. Statement neckpieces work like magic and there is always room for more. Statement jewellery has trended for a very long time and I am sure it’s going to stay for long too. The right neckpiece can bring an outfit to next level. I have an activity for you! Just try it at home before heading out because I don’t want to be blamed just in case if the magic didn’t work. Which is a rare scene! Take out the most boring outfit you own from your wardrobe and add a statement neckpiece to it. Voila! See the magic? You can thank me later. *wink* *wink*.

Never fails.

It was love at first sight. This neckpiece and me! No kidding. The moment I saw this piece, I knew how I could bring out the best of the magnificent neckpiece. So, I paired it up with a plain white shirt from Zaful. You would have seen this shirt in my street style post. A glamourous neckpiece like this can transform any plain shirt into something special and that is what happened here too.

Meera Store is a world full of alluring stone jewellery. Don’t forget to check their Instagram store.


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Shirt  – Zaful

Palazzos – Splash Fashion

Neckpiece – MyMeeraStore  














Do send or tag me in your pictures when you try the activity I mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal


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  • How To Reach Kodaikanal?

There are different ways in which you can reach Kodaikanal (obviously). The route and the transport you choose depends on you. We booked our train tickets to Kodaikanal from Bangalore since there were no buses available around that time. We boarded  Tuticorin Express that reached Kodai Road by 8am. Kodaikanal is up the hill and Kodai road is basically the foothills of Kodaikanal. The best thing you could do if you are planning to travel by train is to book yourself a cab beforehand for your onward journey to the hills. The cabs outside the railway station ask for more than the usual rate because they know that’s the only option you have. There are local buses that go up but only early in the morning around 5-6am.

Two ways to go up the hills if you are travelling via train-

  1. Bus – Early Morning 5-6am
  2. Cab – Rs.1500-1800

If you are travelling by bus or a cab to Kodaikanal then you have nothing to worry. The bus will drop you at the main Kodaikanal bus stop. All the private and government buses move from this same bus station in Kodaikanal. Fortunately, we got a KSRTC bus for our return journey from Kodaikanal to Bangalore. Remember to book your bus or train ticket way before the travel date.

  • How To Travel Locally?

There are city cabs and jeeps that you can hire to travel locally for sightseeing or otherwise. You can even ask your hotel management to get a cab because they always have a tie-up with at least one of these cabs companies. Travelling locally is pretty reasonable since Kodaikanal is a small city. You can either walk it or get a pickup and drop service for Rs. 150 one way.

  • Booking a Hotel

There are hotels and homestays in every corner and lane. Finding a place to stay is not difficult. We booked it via and stayed at Pine Borough Inn which was close to the Kodai Lake.

  • Things To Do

I have written about 5 Things To Do In Kodaikanal a few days back.

  • When To Visit

Kodaikanal being a hill station always has a pleasant climate. Traveling during any season isn’t a bad decision. Living in a city where winter is not a real thing, I decided to travel during Diwali i.e. October-November. The weather dropped down to 8degrees in October with moderate rain. The monsoon time is usually offseason because of heavy rainfall, which makes it difficult to travel locally. Summers doesn’t get too hot.

  • Safety 

The locals in Kodaikanal are extremely helpful and cooperative. The city sleeps by 8pm so travelling alone after 8pm won’t be safe with no one on the road.


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Hoping that I have covered necessary questions regarding Kodaikanal.

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The Banjaran

I am sure by now, you would have realised what my signature style looks like. Layering is one my favourite part. Whoever introduced shrugs, capes and long jackets to the world – God Bless You!

I was not really a fashionable person but the moment I realised the secret behind being one is by wearing what’s comfortable, I knew it wasn’t that difficult. It all started with being confident in what I wore. There was a time when dresses were never my thing and now I can’t ignore them when I see one at a store. Also, there are so many incredible fashion designers who come up with bewildering designs and influencers who carry it so well that makes you want the outfit more. But the question is, do you think everything you like on someone else will look good on you? I am sure most of you would not agree to that because obviously, you have a unique and an amazing personality that is different for every individual. Fashion is a way to speak who you are without even having to speak. I have said that a million times in my posts and I am saying it again. There is a huge difference between copying someone’s style and being influenced by someone. It’s not necessary that everytime you copy someone’s style, it will look good on you. Nope! On the other hand, if you are influenced by someone, you will try to modify the same outfit that you saw according to your style. Understand? The best example is the mannequin – The mannequins have the top picks from the brand and most of us enter the store after looking at the mannequin’s outfit outside. But the moment you enter the trial room with that same outfit, you know what happens!!

I try to Indianise my western outfit by adding either a bindi or an anklet. That’s my style. A mix of a gipsy soul and a modern woman. If you ask me, what are those two things that I swear by? I would say long shrugs and statement jewellery. I can never do anything without them. Shrug and statement neckpieces are my dope. I can’t have enough of them.

In this post, the texture and the pattern of the long shrug/cape totally changes the way you would look at that basic white dress. Anklets are my all-time favourites. So, I wore two oxidised anklets on one leg and added an armlet to the same leg. Brogue shoes and an Indo western outfit is a quintessential combination. Don’t you think so?


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress  – TheLabelLife

Cape/Shrug – Tailor Made

Leg Accessories – Street Side shops

Neckpiece – Ajio

Shoes – Ajio























Hope you liked the post!

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Pashmina – The Fabric That Weaves Luxury


India is so rich in its heritage and culture that its length and breadth is unfathomable. Equally unique is its art, handicraft, textile industry, prints, embroidery, fabrics etc. From time-to-time, it is worth reflecting into the treasures of this country. One such treasure is the Pashmina fabric – exotic, luxurious, super soft and extremely cosy.

Pashmina, also known as Pashm is fine cashmere wool that comes from Kashmir in India and few parts of Nepal. The word ‘Pashmina’ finds its roots in Persian word ‘Pashmineh’ which means ‘made from Pashm’, and Pash in Persian means wool. It was the Iranians, who came to India via Ladakh into Kashmir giving the word ‘Pashmina’ to this fabric.

The wool actually comes from Changthangi goat or a Pashmina goat, a special breed of goats peculiar to the higher altitude of the Himalayan region of India and Nepal. The internationally renowned Pashmina shawls are made from the fine fibres of Pashm wool. 

Variety of Pashmina

Overall, the cashmere wool produced in the Gobi Desert is considered to be better than the Himalayan variant. However, the Pashmina has two major variants – the Ladakh Pashmina and Nepal Pashmina.

Deemed as the most luxurious fabric, the wool from Nepalese mountain goats is considered finest because over the years the goat adapted to the harsh climatic conditions which evolved its wool to be exceptionally warm, yet light in weight.

The extremely cold conditions of these terrains helped the goats to develop an incredibly soft pashm which is unique.  It is six times finer than the human hair and because of its finesses, it can’t be machine spun. So, the wool is delicately hand-woven into cashmere fabric which is then hand woven into products like scarves, shawls, stoles, suit fabric and wraps.

With the onset of winters, owning a Pashmina product becomes more of necessity than luxury. So if you intend to buy authentic Pashmina suits or fabric online, then take care to buy it from authentic websites only. A lot of duplicities is available in the market. Wish Alley is one such website which offers authentic Pashmina suits and Kurtis in their ethnic wear section.

Most important is Fabric Care

It is easy to buy Pashmina fabric, but tricky to preserve it.  Just remember that if proper care is taken then products made from cashmere wool can last years. The quality of good cashmere products is that with every wash it tends to get softer and more luxurious.

Dry clean the fabric most of the time. But if you want to give it a hand wash – be gentle and use a good woollen fabric detergent and softener. It highly recommends giving Pashmina fabric a hand washing first time. This ensures that the fabric doesn’t lose its sheen by bleeding the natural vegetable dyes or colour. After giving a gentle wash, leave the fabric to dry on a flat surface in shade.




Author Bio: –

Mridu is a fashion aficionado, woman entrepreneur and founder of Wish Alley brand. It is a popular brand in Indian Ethnic Wear segment with the aim to bring the finest and the grandest of Indian Ethnic Fashion’s plush varieties. Wish Alley is redefining traditional Indian prints and fabrics to design the best of contemporary ethnic fashion.

Visit or check out their Facebook page ( to see ethnic-inspired authenticity, the magnificence of India’s hidden treasure and the beauty of traditional aesthetics.

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