A Day in My Life

Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal

    How To Reach Kodaikanal? There are different ways in which you can reach Kodaikanal (obviously). The route and the transport you choose depends on you. We booked our train tickets to Kodaikanal from Bangalore since there were no buses available around that time. We boarded┬á Tuticorin Express that reached Kodai Road by 8am.… Continue reading Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal

A Thing Called Fashion

The Shirt-Dress Story

Hello everyone !! What is up ? I just got back from a trip with a tanned face, hoping that my face comes back to it's normal skin tone soon. This time I am here with my shirt dress story ! It's an experience that I wanted to share because I am damn sure all… Continue reading The Shirt-Dress Story