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All About Leather Bags

I have had my first ever leather bag for about 25 years now in brilliant condition, so much so that It looks brand new even now. Maintaining a leather bag is easy and worth it for years and years together. It can travel from one generation to another, just like the movie ‘The sisterhood of… Continue reading All About Leather Bags

A Thing Called Fashion

Top Indian Clothing Brands for Women

We are currently drowned in the sea of million fashion and lifestyle Indian brands for men, women and kids, because of which it becomes challenging to be loyal and trust the brand. We as consumers are much more aware of trends or top clothing brands for woman, and that is also the reason, we have… Continue reading Top Indian Clothing Brands for Women

A Thing Called Fashion

Festive Wear Kurta Sets: Celebrate in Style

The most exciting time of the year is here: celebrations are in order and festivities have come alive. The festive season has a charm about it like no other. Delicious food, get-togethers, dances and dressing-up: happiness knows no bounds. A key feature of this celebratory time is the joy of adorning festive wear. While men… Continue reading Festive Wear Kurta Sets: Celebrate in Style

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Indo Western Ways of Styling a Cotton Sarees

It took me a long time to fall in love with six yards of beauty, i.e. cotton sarees in general. And the moment I got comfortable wearing and restyling them, I kept trying new ways to style them according to the occasion. Cotton and linen sarees have always been in trend in the fashion industry.… Continue reading Indo Western Ways of Styling a Cotton Sarees

A Thing Called Fashion

A Complete Guide On How To Style Boots

Can we ever have enough boots? There was a time when I had so many girls boots but had no knowledge or style game when it came to pairing them. Initially, I made a lot of errors, but then I learnt from the mistakes I made. Remember, comfort is the priority! Indeed, we can never… Continue reading A Complete Guide On How To Style Boots

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Statement Tops One Must Have in Their Wardrobe

We all have a wardrobe filled with tops we don’t know exists and always keep wondering where all the other clothes are. Resulting in buying more and more new clothes! Sadly, it’s a vicious circle and some might find it difficult to come out of it. That’s why we have series like Marie Kondo, which… Continue reading Statement Tops One Must Have in Their Wardrobe

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Winter Essentials – Fashion Edit

Winter is here. I can feel the chill. It's been a long time since I have curated a look-book on my blog! And I couldn't find a better time to document the winter looks that I have been styling and restyling here. Bangalore is always chilly in the night and that's why you will see… Continue reading Winter Essentials – Fashion Edit

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Basics Of Eyeliner

Let’s talk about this product. There are so many makeup tutorials that involve eyeliner in some way or the other (also in a no-makeup makeup tutorial). The magic of the eye make-up is actually in the eyeliner. You can go for a subtle look, wider eye, smoky or bold one with just a single product.… Continue reading Basics Of Eyeliner

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Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

There was a time when you had to be from the affluent class to head to an organic/ eco-friendly clothing brand and be able to invest in something that is sustainable. With change in surroundings and betterment of the environment people are learning and shifting to organic and sustainable living. Fashion is the biggest industry… Continue reading Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

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Chapter 1 – The Ugly Truth

They say a pen is mightier than a sword. With change in time and technology, people would rather pick up a sword then go through the stress of picking up a pen. As a blogger, your strongest platform SHOULD BE the blog where you talk about your creative ideas and curated details. Like I said,… Continue reading Chapter 1 – The Ugly Truth