A Thing Called Fashion

New Years Outfit Idea #5

The last post of this year 2017. Just few more hours before the new year 2018 kicks in. Hoping that you have sorted out your new year plans. This post is not only the last one from the year 2017 but it is also the last from the series I started #NewYearOutfitIdea. You can always… Continue reading New Years Outfit Idea #5

A Thing Called Fashion

New Years Outfit Idea #4

Bling it up! While I was looking for gold and silver outfits in my wardrobe, I found this multicoloured bling top that I had bought ages ago from Vero Moda but never wore it. I would always ask my friends to have a bling theme party just so I could wear this top because normally… Continue reading New Years Outfit Idea #4

A Thing Called Fashion

New Years Outfit Idea #1

I know I am a few weeks early with the "New Year Party Outfit Ideas" series but I decided to style different outfits for this new years the entire December. Starting the first post this month with the colour black. The new year is fast approaching and it was high time to start thinking about the… Continue reading New Years Outfit Idea #1

A Thing Called Fashion

The Endless Affair

~ A girl and her accessories are an endless affair ~ I met some amazing people after I came to Bangalore for studies. Most of them applied Kohl/Kajal and I loved the way their eyes looked. That is when I started wearing Kajal every day without fail and then there was no looking back. I am… Continue reading The Endless Affair

A Day in My Life

Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal

    How To Reach Kodaikanal? There are different ways in which you can reach Kodaikanal (obviously). The route and the transport you choose depends on you. We booked our train tickets to Kodaikanal from Bangalore since there were no buses available around that time. We boarded  Tuticorin Express that reached Kodai Road by 8am.… Continue reading Frequently Asked Travel Questions About Kodaikanal

A Thing Called Fashion

The Banjaran

I am sure by now, you would have realised what my signature style looks like. Layering is one my favourite part. Whoever introduced shrugs, capes and long jackets to the world - God Bless You! I was not really a fashionable person but the moment I realised the secret behind being one is by wearing what's… Continue reading The Banjaran

A Thing Called Fashion

Pashmina – The Fabric That Weaves Luxury

  India is so rich in its heritage and culture that its length and breadth is unfathomable. Equally unique is its art, handicraft, textile industry, prints, embroidery, fabrics etc. From time-to-time, it is worth reflecting into the treasures of this country. One such treasure is the Pashmina fabric - exotic, luxurious, super soft and extremely… Continue reading Pashmina – The Fabric That Weaves Luxury

A Thing Called Fashion

Wake Me Up For The Sunday Brunch

Yes! I am back again with a post after the long weekend. When I left Bangalore for the long weekend, it was raining heavily every single day making everything gloomy and difficult. The weather was way better than what it is now and the city is not helping me get over the sweater weather that… Continue reading Wake Me Up For The Sunday Brunch

A Thing Called Fashion

Black is Back

Guilty as charged! What can I say! I close deals in black and heels. The more black you wear, the more powerful you look. *wink* *wink* Let me tell you how this happened while I was on a "black clothes ban" for a month now. It's actually a "once upon a time" kinda story. A… Continue reading Black is Back

A Thing Called Fashion

Back In Time

Are you old school or new school? Have you wondered how much of you is classic and how much is contemporary? Well, I am partially old school especially when it comes to relationships and the way I try my level best to keep the bond strong. That also defines me as a keeper, with respect to… Continue reading Back In Time