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World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

Times Now had recently quoted in a recent article that "high waist pants are the essentials you didn't know your closet was missing". These old school pants are slowly making their place into everyone's wardrobe. Wide leg pants or high waist pants are super chic and comfortable. It makes a perfect work wear as well as… Continue reading World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

A Thing Called Fashion

The Classic Retro Combination

It's funny how we blindly follow a set of rules when it comes to pairing two pieces of clothing together. There are times when you want to take the risk but are scared of the repercussion. The moment you pick out a piece of printed top or a bottom wear, in your head you have… Continue reading The Classic Retro Combination

A Thing Called Fashion

If You Love Straw Bags Feat. Zaful

This post is all about the ever so trending straw bag. Everyone has one or needs one. So far I have only noticed Zara and few other international brands who sell these straw bags. Straw bags are no doubt chic and fashionable, but the price of these bags in India are extremely high. After doing… Continue reading If You Love Straw Bags Feat. Zaful

A Thing Called Fashion

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Just like clothes, even your shoe wardrobe should have few staple essentials. It is always tempting to pile up different and shiny shoes but do you think that can save you from the-which-shoe-should-I-wear-moments? We have all watched Sex and The City million times and envy Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe, especially her shoe collection. Let's get real,… Continue reading 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

A Thing Called Fashion

Mellow Yellow

How much is too much yellow? Do you remember the last time I wrote about how to restyle an outfit instead of just adding more clothes to your wardrobe? Do you also remember that I promised to work on atleast one post every month on restyling? Well, here I am with another restyling post for… Continue reading Mellow Yellow

A Thing Called Fashion

The Casual Kind

There are times when you want to spend and lot of time in front of the mirror & dress up and there are times when you want to party in your PJ's. I have cancelled plans with friends a lot of times on days when I didn't want to dress up and go out. I… Continue reading The Casual Kind

A Thing Called Fashion

The Current Obsession

With a zillion things trending right now, I decided to pick the high waist pants style. These kick ass pants are everywhere online and you can’t dare to miss it, even if you aren’t looking for one. I am currently obsessed with these pants and planning to get more colours in the same. From high… Continue reading The Current Obsession

A Thing Called Fashion

Restyling Project – The White Dress

Few months back, I had styled a plain white dress from The Label Life on my blog. If you haven't seen this particular post, you can click on the hyperlink here. In the earlier post, I had styled the dress with a brocade shrug that was tailor made. With a pair of brogues and different… Continue reading Restyling Project – The White Dress

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What Clothes To Pack When You Are Travelling

There have been times when I just wonder for an entire day about what clothes to pack. When you travel, there are so many do's and don'ts that you have to consider according to the place you are travelling too. This is one of the reason why I thought I should write a post on… Continue reading What Clothes To Pack When You Are Travelling

A Thing Called Fashion

Easy Monochrome Summer Outfit

This post is one of those posts that was forgotten to be posted. If you can recollect, I had shot this particular outfit in the month of April but later got extremely busy and lazy in life. Off late the blogging industry in Bangalore, India has not been very motivating unlike the good old organic… Continue reading Easy Monochrome Summer Outfit